green house

The Green House is in a street, will remind you the neighborhood life where you can share a local’s sofa to have a coffee and have a break…

The next door greets you with a smile in the morning, their minor’s bicycle waits her by the door and the wife waters the flowers in the afternoon you may see…

Your heart starts warming at the big green entrance door for the pleasure of our small house.

Our small but handy enough kitchen will let you dream of a pretty cozy meal for the evening…

The details will keep you so busy that you’ll discover something new in every moment you live in…

There’s no chance of boredom around here :)

The stairs will take you up to a small bathroom and bedroom.

Staring at the window of your cozy bedroom, you’ll be watching the Alaçatı roofs, sympathetic and lit-well. Feels good.

Come take your small table out, enjoy your local wine and start living in the spirit of the neighborhood.

Teknik Özellikler

# Uydu TV

# Ütü

#Yangın Söndürücü

# Klima

# Fırın

# Banyo Kozmetik Ürünleri

# Isıtıcı

# Kahve Makinesi

# Otopark ( 200 mt yakınında sezonda ücretli )

# Wi-Fi

# Saç Kurutma Makinesi

#Çamaşır Makinesi

# İlk Yardım Seti