red house

Imagine taking a right from the main street in the town center and arriving at a red belted door. You will definitely wonder what the place will look like once you open that door.

The feeling of amazement you get once you’re inside is because of the preservation of the historic details of an old Rum stone house.

The first thing you’ll notice will be a red, cast iron stove and a rocking chair right next to it. The ideal place for reading that unfinished book you’ve been planning to finish.

Then you will see a tonette table, great for breakfast with classical music playing in the background. Afterwards, you may want to enjoy a little nap on the large, comfy, navy couch…

Further ahead are the stairs going upstairs, making you wonder again. This time for a surprise that is waiting for you upstairs. Up on the second floor, what awaits you is a romantic bedroom with a high wooden ceiling. The high ceiling gives a spacious feeling in the room that will make you feel even more relaxed. The balcony next to the room with a floor preserved just as in the old times, is designed to be used on a full-moon night…

Then you turn back downstairs, enter a modern kitchen for some creative and also fun time preparing meals. Once you pass the kitchen, you’ll reach a small courtyard perfect for lying down, watching stars and enjoying serene, cold air that may turn any chat into conversation.

On the other side of the courtyard you will find another room with high and wooden ceiling just as the one you saw upstairs. The old walnut chest drawer accompanied with the vintage headboard are the main highlights. Oh look! The old clock on the wall has already stopped the time for you…


# Television

# İron

# First Aid Kit

# Air Conditioning

# Fire Extinguisher
# Heater
# Boucle Material

# Wi-Fi

# Coffeemaker
# Hairdryer Parking (250 mt nearby)

Washing machine

The dishwasher